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Discovery Call


Lodestar Discovery Call
Not sure if coaching is a right fit? Feeling uncertain or nervous? Schedule a FREE discovery call today.

Entirely confidential (and surprisingly helpful in such a short time) these discovery calls quickly help establish if coaching is for you, and which of our Lodestar coaches or services would be the best fit.

I look forward to connecting with you, soon.

Dr. K
Intake Appointment with Dr. K
Know that coaching is for you and ready to get started? Set up your intake appointment now!

This 90 minute call is entirely confidential and serves as the starting point for all the work we'll do together going forward, including establishing goals, coaching frequency and duration.

Intake coaching is a flat fee of $500. Ongoing coaching fees are set according to need and duration of contract.

Your time and resources are valuable, and so are you. I look forward to connecting with you very soon.

Dr. K
Dr. K: Established Clients Only
Already an established client needing to block your next (or more) time? Here's an easier way to find the perfect time for you.

Talk to you soon. :)



TIPC™ Certification
TIPC™ Certification Dialogue will be scheduled with two Lodestar’s coach trainers. The goal is to provide an opportunity for you to solidify your knowledge and understanding of trauma and trauma mitigation coaching, and to demonstrate your skills in applying what you’ve learned.

To help you prepare for the dialogue, we’ll provide a pdf of all of the content slides used throughout the training. We are also available to you for any questions.
Podcast Interview
Can a Podcast be Trauma-Mitigating? Let's connect, co-create and find out!

No prep is needed. We know each other, and we're simply going to hang out and riff. My production company will take care of editing.

We're both/and-ing these conversations -- we'll conduct them live via zoom, so people can watch us have fun or listen on their way home from work. In total, each episode will be about 30 minutes, but I'm blocking these in 1 hour increments so we have time for screwing up and laughing.

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